From big to small, we are here for you

We work with you to maintain or increase your dog’s quality of life.


Looking for freedom and peace of mind...

Karbey’s K9 Care offers new ways to find more time to enjoy your life with your dog by offering a nurturing and integrated approach to canine care.


Our nurturing approach utilizes our proprietary C.AN.IN.E. process:




Consultation session to assist us in gaining a full understanding of your dog, its needs, and how that fits in with your lifestyle



Analyze and create a personalized plan to address the issues or needs identified by the initial consultation


Initiate implementation of your personalized plan within your lifestyle with our support and assistance


Ensure that your personalized plan continues to meet you and your dog’s needs

We are able to offer an integrated approach by having a complete line of products and services to meet all of your dog’s needs at every stage of their life.

We specialize in:

Direct Delivery of all your canine needs

A full line of products available for direct delivery to your home or office

Referral Services

We will help you find the perfect canine service specialist from a veterinarian, canine massage therapist to canine hydrotherapy.


We work with you to help you understand proper training techniques and can help find a trainer for all your dog’s needs.


When you need us, we are here to help.

Nutritional Counselling

We are able to help you find the right food, treats and supplements and “Coming Soon” we will be able to offer full nutritional counselling.

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